Sago cutlet (Sabudana Vada)

Sago Cutlet
Ingredients - 
  1. Sago ( Sabudana) - 1 handful
  2. Semolina ( suzi) - 1 cup
  3. Potato - 1
  4. Bread - 1 slice
  5. Salt to taste ( Rock Salt if making for fasting)
  6. Onions - 1/2 cup ( chopped)
  7. Green Chilli - 1-2 ( chopped)

 Directions -
  • Soak Sago for 30minutes. And if you for got to soak, take it in a bowl, where you can boil the Sago. Boil it for 15-20 minutes.
Soaked Sago
Sago after 30 minutes

Boiled Potato

  • At the same time, boil the potato too.
  • By the end of 30 minutes, Sago ( sabudana) and potato both are ready.

Mashed potato w/all ingredients
  • Mash them together in a mixing bowl, add slat chopped onions, chopped green chilli, mix them together.
  • Soak a slice of bread in an another bowl. Drain the water from the slice of bread.
  • Mash the bread between your palm and mix it in a mixing bowl with other ingredients.

Pressed Balls with Samolina

  • Divide the whole thing in an equal parts. Make round balls. Press it with both palms. 
  • Cover the pressed rounds with Semolina on either side.

Ready Sago Cutlet

  • Either deep fry it in a pan filled with oil or u can also cook it in an open pan with just 1 spoon of oil for every 2 cutlet.
  • Serve it hot with Tomato sauce/ Pudina chutney.


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