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Toad in the Hole

It was a wonderful day outside. Day to go for a walk. So, I started out. Nice cool wind was blowing, and then it started drizzling a little bit. So, amazing. I was loving it. After coming for a walk, I went to G ym for little bit of exercise. There I met my next door neighbor , wonderful lady. We started discussing weather, temperature, and then comes the food. And our discussion about eggs started. its benefits and how our daily needs of protein is complete by consuming eggs.  Here, are few benefits of eggs listed. Improves Concentration - Eggs provides a good nutrition which increases child’s ability to learn. It helps in increasing- Concentration level Math and reading skills Attendance Maintains Healthy Weight - Eggs are the best source of protein which contains all essential amino acids for human body. Eggs are a great nutritional value for those trying to lose weight and maintain healthy weight. Brain Development - Egg yolk, stimulates brain developme

Visit to Themepark - Disneyland, LA

LA, disneyland It has 3 theme parks -  Disneyland California Adventure park Downtown Disney Few things which you want to get before coming to disneyalnd-   Autograph book Camera Snacks for kids and adults Water bottles - water is availabel in disneyland everywhere, but you need to carry atleast 1 bottle. There are lots of restaurants available right in front of Disneyland, so it's your choice you want to eat outside or inside the Disneyland. Rates- yes, it is costlier in Disney. Disneyland Theme Park -  Disneyland is again sub-divided - Main street U.S.A .- This is the front and main street which connects the central square or say the castle to the main entrance square. in the day time, you have lots of transport available, like horse cart, Double Decker bus, small car, and a train. All the other transports, stops after evening, but the train service is available mostly till 30 mins before the Disneyland is closed. Please check the Disneyland closing ti