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 Every mother is always very careful in giving foods to their young ones. When baby starts eating food, mother wants to give baby the best food possible every day. But, since baby is too small and don't have teeth, so can't eat much food, this restricts mother in giving food to babies.

Here, are some recipes, which you will find quite easy to make and baby will enjoy the taste. In every meal, baby will be getting sufficient nutrients too.

Salty Preparations -
Sweet Preparations - 

    Now, lets talk about our Toddlers. The most choosy person in the whole family for food.

    Kids are very particular about what they are eating and it's become very difficult sometimes, to make them right food and vegetables. I have seen some kids eating all the vegetables and fruits without objection, and some of them choose the vegetables from their food and leave them in side of their plates and finish rest of the food.

    Now, it's important for these kids to eat vegetables. So, I found a solution. It's important for them to eat veggies, but not important for them to know that they are eating veggies.

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