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Mango Rice

M y this post is dedicated to my friend " P ooja", who is an excellent cook, and make amazingly delicious food. Mango Rice is a one of th e dishes which I tried at her place, when I was visiting her. It is one of the frequently made dish of rice i n every household in South India. People of South India sta rts making it , as soon as raw mango is available in Markets. Raw Mango has lots of health benefits.  It is sour in taste , and is generally green in color.  The cent er of the fruit has a single seed, which is oblong and flat.  The raw mango is highly appreciated for its nutritional value. T hey are excellent source of Vitamin C .   Raw mangoes are also good source of V itamin B complex , that are beneficial to maintain good health.  Due to the presence of vitamin C, they are highly beneficial in strengthening immune system. It helps in throwing away from all waste products from the body. There are few more recipes of raw Mango, which is very po

Sago cooked for Fasting (Sabudana khichdi for Vrati)

Navratri is one of those festivals in India, which is celebrated by about 80 % of the citizen. In this festival, many worshipers, do fasting for first and eighth day of the festival. Some do it for all 9 days, and eat proper food and grains on the 10th day. And in many families, they do not eat and cook Garlic and Onions for the 9 days. I even knew some people, who do fasting for the whole day, and eat complete food including grain, one time at a day mostly after sunset. Some people only eats fruits and some dishes on these 9 days, which are made of sago (sabudana), Makhana, potatoes, etc. Here, is one of the recipe of Sabudana cooked with potatoes and peanuts. It's filling as well as give enough nutrition for the meal. Ingredients for 2 people- Sago (Sabudana) - 3 Handful Rock Salt (sendha namak) to taste                                   Potatoes - 1 (diced- small) Green Chilli - 2 (slited) Peanuts - 1 handful Cooking Oil - 1 tbsp Directions - Soak Sago for 2 hour

White Cream Spinach Pasta

It was Friday evening, and I went for a grocery shopping. It was a sudden plan, so I was not prepared as usual. Generally, when we have to go out for any reason, I prepare dinner in advance, as I prefer my family to eat at home, as much as possible. Eating at home is always different from eating outside, as food prepared at home is much more healthy and nutritious. Now, this evening I was not prepared, and I didn't even wanted to eat anything out. So, was planning what to make which can be quick, delicious and easy to make. We went with 1 of our family friends. Our friends told us, they will cook something different and it will be healthy and will be ready in 18-20 minutes. I was not sure, but thought of giving it a try. By the time, I arranged my groceries they brought a bowl filled with " White Cream Spinach Pasta ". And believe me it was so delicious, I couldn't resist of making it again on Saturday Morning. So, here is the recipe for you guys to try- Ingre