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Kids- Bread Pizza

Kids are very peculiar about what they are eating and it's become very difficult sometimes, to make them right food and vegetables. I have seen some kids eating all the vegetables and fruits without objection, and some of them choose the vegetables from their food and leave them in side of their plates and finish rest of the food. Now, it's important for these kids to eat vegetables. So, I found a solution. It's important for them to eat veggies, but not important for them to know that they are eating veggies. All of them like Pizza. In fact some of them are great fans of pizza. But, most of them take out the veggies from their slices and eat whatever is left in the pizza. So, I thought lets make their Pizza little interesting. Veggies in it (being mom satisfaction for me) and a pizza (love for them). They never come to know that they are eating veggies. I bet your little one will hug you and say " Mom, I love you. You are the  best". Here, is one of the

Cauliflower in Tomato Soup Gravy

Most of us, forget small packets of masala powder hiding between big containers. And then after sometime we do not even remember the existence of that masala powder. Same thing happened with me. Few days back, when I was cleaning 1 of my Kitchen Cabinet (contains most stuffs which I do not use regularly), I found a packet of Hot Tomato Soup Powder. I happened to got it around 6 months ago. I was in no mood of making the soup, but I do not wanted to throw it away. So, I kept it back in drawer. Today, when I was talking to my dearest friend "Anupama", she asked me the same question " how to use tomato Soup powder, if U do not want to make a soup. After giving some thought, I came to conclusion that the Chinese dishes like Cauliflower Manchurian, Vegetable  Manchurian ( these recipe will be coming soon) will come out good. But, again I was running out of cornflour, so I decided of making simple Cauliflower dish, which turned out to be so yummy, that I couldn