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Orange Cake or A Brittania Fruit Cake

Sometimes, you want to do so many things in your 24 hours, but you cannot do it, as you are running out of time. I do not know about you guys, but for me, it always happen, and then in the end of the day, I feel the day is over and I haven't done things which I wanted to do.  Well, few of those things are cooking special things. When, I started my life as a mother, I met a lady in Gym. She was a mother of two, her hubby was a chef in a renowned Hotel in Delhi. Everyday, when I am working out we use to talk, and every time she will give me some useful tips, about managing Kitchen, some great tips for cooking, and some ultimate tips for baking. But, then I was not equipped with great utensils and I definitely wasn't having perfect equipments to bake, and it never occurred to me how to use existing equipments.  My life as a home maker and a baker started few years back. Slowly, baking became my passion. I started experimenting new things. Copying and following the recipe