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Cilantro and Garlic Oat Bread #BreadBakers

I wanted to bake a flavored bread loaf from a long time..... When, I say long time, it really means a very long time... Well, I had this desire from around a year.. But, somehow I was never able to do it... When I learnt this month's theme is whole grain, I knew what I am going to bake, as I have already baked it in my mind, lot of times.... I actually wanted to make Quinoa bread.... Right from starting everything was working perfectly fine... But, don't know where did I went wrong.. After coming out of Oven, the bread went down from the center... It was also tasting as it is half cooked, but I did bake it for 40-45 minutes, and the bread was brown in color, when I took it out from Oven... I need to again bake the same bread, and see what actually made my bread to sink in center.. So, I decided to shift for another plan, and bake bread with another Whole grain- Oats.... This one worked out perfect.... I didn't refer any recipe for this one, just worked on my instinct