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Chic Peas/Garbanzo Beans Stew (Choley Chana curry)

The other day, I met a friend at local grocery Store near beans section, I was very much surprised to see her and couldn't believe my eyes, as she was looking about 15-20 lbs less, from what I have seen her earlier. This was about 4 months back. She told me, she changed her diet, increased more protein in her food. Initially it became difficult for her, as she is a vegetarian, but later on after some research ( you guys also know these days research means, she go-ogled), she came to know that more consumption of protein and less consumption of carbohydrates can help her.  Now, the question is which food item contains more of protein. All beans, peas contains more of Proteins. Garbanzo Beans - This is also known as Chick Peas in some parts of the world. These seeds are high in Protein, and is easiest cultivated beans.  Nutrition  - This food is low in Saturated Fat, and very low in Cholesterol and Sodium. It is also a good source of Dietary Fiber, Protein and Cop

Tofu- veggies stir fry

A Girl's favorite place to go after marriage is her "Mayka" (parents house)..... Since, staying so  far away from mom's place, sometimes is very painful, as I cannot fly and reach her place whenever I want to.... This summer situation was very similar... Wanted to visit my family back in India, but was not possible for me to go.... And then, had a conversation with my sis-in-law (Bhabhi), she wanted us to visit her... So, made the plans of visiting them... Kids had a wonderful time... playing with Cousins is always a fun... When we were young, we use to meet our cousins, once in a year... And for this 1 month, we use to wait for full whole year.... I want my LO, also to have fun filled summer, love her cousins, wait for next summer to meet them...  the same way we use to have fun.... We, Adults also had a wonderful time... talking, cooking, enjoying food, watching kids, outing, everything was just perfect... One of the best ever relaxed holidays I had, a

Potato-Peas Samosa

Yesterday, it was a Friday Evening.... And Friday Evening's are always special... I always make something special for Friday Evenings... Most of the time, it's a family favorite... Since, Rakhi is round the corner, so decided to make something which was loved by we siblings, when we were Kids... When we were small, My dad use to work with a N.T.P.C. So we use to live in a township... So, the option of getting street foods there was very limited. All of us, love street foods. Whenever we are going to nearest town, we make sure that we are getting some street food... But, these trips were not more than once in a month.... These trips depends completely on our grocery stock at home... If the stock is getting finished, we need to go... Well, these are the one of the beautiful memories from my childhood...  I must say, I had a beautiful childhood.... Some months it does happen, that we are completely full of grocery, and we do not need a trip to the nearest town... So, in those

Chocolate Chip Ice cream Bowl Cookies

Whenever, we are in any grocery store, my little one wants me to get some snacks for her. Whether she finishes at home or not, or I need to throw it away, is a secondary thing... But, at that moment when she is in store, she wants to get it.... And talking her out of it, is just out of question, or I should say waste of energy, as she gets completely struck in one particular snack. It must have happened with other parents as well, and every parent has a different way of handling the situation... I believe every parent do best for their kids.... I usually say yes for my little ones demand, but it cannot happen every time.... Especially when the stuffs she is asking for, is going to get spoiled, without consuming.... so, I have founded some other ways, to distract her... One of them, is promising her and making the same stuff at home, or something similar to that... Last weekend, we were running out of some grocery, which was required for baking.... And then, we accidentally went i

Vanilla Whole Wheat Muffin with Cream Cheese Frosting

These days I am completely into Baking.... Love to Bake... And when you have adorable Kids around who praise every time you bake, then that's the enough encouragement for the next baking...   Well, my last baking project was Chocolate Cake... Kids loved them, and yes they finished the whole batch in a day... So, now it was again time for next baking project... So, this time wanted to bake something different....N number of Ideas, started moving in my brain, but then I have to think also about the taste of my lovelies.... So, decided to bake a batch of Muffins....   There are variety of flavors of Muffin.... And Vanilla is one of the flavor, which is loved by almost every kid and mini Muffin is the right size for their Snack ..... When I added a cup of All purpose flour to the Mixing Bowl, a thought ran in my head, why not make it little healthy, if not completely healthy... I do not know whether, working completely with Whole Wheat Flour will work.....or it will change