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Soft Sugar cookies

Cookies, cookies and cookies..... The kids always wants treats. And when they get Cookies of their choice, then nothing like it. I have been making Sugar Cookies for almost an year now. My recipes before were bit longer, and took about 3-4 hours. And I should not forgot to mention keeping the dough in refrigerator for minimum of half hour to firm the dough. Well, I always do not have that much of time. I can take out the time for baking in stretch, but not in intervals. So, I divided the process in two parts, making the dough 1st day, and keeping it in refrigerator for rest of the day. Then, on 2nd day, I do the baking. But, then sometimes, few things comes up which needs my immediate attention, and then my baking is moved to the next day available.  So, I thought of making something which I can do it, 1 go. I was looking for recipes in internet, but couldn't find anything which takes me less time. Then, I happened, to come across this recipe. I did some additions and alte