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Egg Pulao

My this post is again for the Egg lovers. From last few weeks, I was totally devoted towards my Egg curry dish. It surely is my favorite, but again everybody needs a change. So, I wasn't able to think of any new way of eating eggs. It was a regular weekend, and I was completely busy in cleaning the house, and making everything in order, so that in my coming week, I have everything in order and I do not have to expedite. And I forgot to cook lunch for me and my family and it was already 1:00 p.m., I did have the option of ordering something from outside, but I didn't wanted to do that, as previous day I had a luxurious food in a restaurant. So, what I did. Here, is the recipe of what I prepare- Egg Pulao. Ingredients for 4 people-  Rice- 6 handful Onion - 1 (big, chopped) Red Bell Pepper - 1/2 (chopped) Green Bell Pepper - 1/2 ( chopped) Eggs - 4 Salt to taste Cumin Powder- 1tsp Cooking Oil - 2tbsp Directions - Keep a pan on the stove and a pressure coo