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Chinese Fried Rice

There are days, when you feel very low. Lot of things, happen around you, which you do not approve but sometimes you do not have options. And have to go through the flow of life... Well, it was a real bad day for me. And I didn't feel like cooking.. So, thought of making something real quick. It itself is a complete meal. And goes perfectly in Lunch Box. So, here presenting you Chinese Fried Rice.. When I was in Anaheim, we went for our daughter's Belle Dance Class. While coming back, it got late, and we decided to go to the nearest restaurant. And we landed, to this Chinese restaurant. It was very clean, and decor was very beautiful. Ordered Fried Rice, as it was my Kiddo's Choice... But, I am glad I did. It was too yummy. I tried recreating same fried rice. It took me about 4 attempts, to get to the same taste... Here, presenting you the same fried rice, which you can make ready in 10-15 minutes. Ingredients - Vegetables(Orange pepper, Yellow Pepper, peas,

Chocolatey Chocolate Chip Recipe #Creative Cookie Exchange

When we moved to Bay Area, my biggest concern was giving snacks to my Kiddo, as she was spending much longer time in School. Earlier, when we were in Anaheim, her School timing was less, and she was home by 2:30 in afternoon, so I never have to really bother about Snacks.. That time, only concern was her lunch time in School. Though there was many things available in store. And I use to get those Snacks, for her.... But, then slowly, I realized I can only control her sugar and oil intake by making Snacks at home...So, I made my habit of baking or cooking snacks, every Saturday or Sunday, which will last atleast 1 week as her Snack... Sometimes, When I am having more time, I cook 1 Sweet and 1 Salty snack... Some of the Snacks, which I often are Soft Sugar Cookies , Nimki (Salty Biscuits) , Baked Thekua , Cake pops and Chocolate Chip Cookies (you can click on the names o snack to check out the recipe). These are one of those Snacks, which never comes back from School ( Happ

Oreo Coconut Bundt Cake

#BundtBakers I love Oreo's... It's have been favorite of both of us... A glass of milk, with a bowl full of Oreo's.... Yummmm. I love Oreo's so much, want to try different versions of it....  I tried many desserts, with Oreo's, even Sundaes with crushed Oreo in it, taste wonderful.... One of my favorite is Oreo CheeseCake ... Check the recipe here ... There are two things at my place... On one side me and my kiddo love Oreo, on the other side it's too sweet for my husband, so has to make something, which is approved by everyone in family.... Well, I knew, my hubby always has something for Coconuts.... And my earlier recipe of  Coconut Cake  was approved by him.... So, thought of giving my version of Coconut Cake , a twist with Oreo.... This Cake turns out to be amazingly delicious, moist and since, no egg has been used, it seems to be perfect Cake for the Vegetarians as well.. #BundtBakers is a group of Bundt loving bakers who get togeth