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Stuffed Rice flour balls with lentils ( Dal-pitha)

Dal pitha is a traditionally food of Bihar, India. This is something which we are eating from our childhood. There are always few memories which you never forget from your childhood. It's from one of these wonderful memories. I remember, my mom working in morning 3-4 hours continuously, to make this dish for afternoon. And then, she is tired, and will sleep after lunch for a hour. When she goes off to sleep, we siblings, act as a bunch of chicken, who are tied in a cage, and they are set free suddenly. We do all mischievous works in this 1 hour. And, when our mom is awake, we act as if we did nothing, except study. So, one day, I was all set to go in the store, and was waiting for mom to sleep. After she went to her room, I tiptoed to the Kitchen, and straight went where the sugar containers are stored. I use to love eating sugar. Oh, I can never forget that moment, when I was looking at the open full container of sugar, and the door behind me got closed. Initially, I

Spicy Crispy Masala mirch

A friend is one with whom you are comfortable, to whom you are loyal, through whom you are blessed, and for whom you are grateful. This quote is by William Arthur Ward  , but it actually applies to me and I am glad, that I am blessed with enough friends around me, who makes me feel special and needed every single day.  This recipe is for those Spicy people who just cannot live without Spices in their lives. I have some of friends, who love spices, but believe me without them my life would have been replica of a winter tree, which has no leaves and is standing alone. I am very thankful to God, for sending those amazing friends to me. This Masala Mirch is an amazing side dish, which goes with rice as well as chapati. My hubby is very much found of Chillies. But, excess consumption of red Chillies results in Stomach problems, like gastric, heat and ulcers, etc. So, to avoid excess use of Red Chillies, I made this "Spicy Crispy Masala Mirch". So, here is the recipe of

Banana Bread

It's being too hot outside. These are the days of cold fruit smoothies. When we talk about fruit, not every fruit is kids favorite except one and that is banana. This fruit seems to be favorite fruit for most of the family members. Lots of people think banana can only provide us fat. Well, I will say there are more other benefits of banana which should be considered first. Some of them are listed below- Reduces depression. Regulate the Bowel system. Reduce blood pressure and heart of disease. Help our bones grow stronger. Help individuals to quit smoking. Help prevent anemia. Provide us with energy. Reduce menstrual pain. Power our brain. Help prevent ulcers. There are many varieties of ways in which we can include banana to our diet everyday. Fruit Custard, Banana Smoothie, Malpua, Banana Bread, etc. Banana bread tempt me most, and I love it most. Last time I made it, it didn't came out well. It tasted too good, but it was very dense. I have a problem, if f