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Petoskey and Pine- Giveway Rafflecopter

Hello Everyone, Remember, few days back I was talking to you guys in my one of my post about a free gift from " Petoskey and Pine ".  12 bloggers were selected to give a review on their products... I am glad, I am one of them, and got a chance to try this wonderful product... It's been more than 3 weeks, I am using their products, " Mint flower Soap " and "Tangerine" lipbalm ... Very happy from these products... The soap looks Beautiful and also smells great...  Now, you must be wondering, what exactly is "Petoskey and Pine". So, here is your answer. "Petoskey and Pine is a bath and beauty company created with the idea of using only the purest ingredients with respect to the environment. We research our suppliers to ensure that they provide sustainable products and purchase those products through fair trade programs. We are a small company that produces everything by hand and we test all our products on ourselve

KitKat Surprise Bundt Cake [eggless]

I was visualizing my Surprise Bundt from last 2 months.... And I wanted it something to be like this... Hiding a name or shape, was not workable in my family... Hiding M&M's could have worked, but then it will melt while baking... So, after giving a good thought, I decided to add Kitkat as a surprise, as it is one of those chocolates, which is loved by everyone in my family... Was all set to frost my Vanilla Bundt, and when it cooled down, sliced the bundt horizontally and filled the middle layer from Chocolate Ganache and Kitkat... Till now, everything  was going as planned... And, when I picked the top part of Bundt, don't know how, it went down, down and down on the floor, and was broken into 4 big pieces, and millions of small pieces... I still went ahead and picked up all the 4 big pieces, and tried to hide all the niches by Chocoltae Ganache... But, was not at all happy with all the photo I took... Though my Kiddo and her friends, loved the surprise, as wel

Tsoureki (Greek Easter Bread) #BreadBakers

Life is sometimes so unpredictable. 2 weeks back, when my Kiddo's school was closing for a Spring Break, I was quite happy... I thought I will get more time, and will explore more in different cuisines.. But, things never actually happen the way you want them too.. 2 days of Spring break, was awesome.. And then, came the most dreaded days and nights for me and my Kiddo. She was already having cold, but then she was ok, and all the symptoms says it's a regular cold and cough. I was doing everything I could do to give her relief, but then suddenly on 3rd day, her fever started and she became dull... I called up on my Insurance Nurseline, they scared me, and asked me to take her to Urgent Care... Those first 3 days of her illness, was too scary... And slowly, she started coming back to herself again... My plans of all the cooking, went into vain, as I was completely concentrating on her.... Frankly speaking, I was too worried for her, to think about cooking... Well, time pass

Petoskey and Pine Giveaway

Hello everyone, Today I have something else to talk about than the food. Dozen of baker's were joined to give the review of an excellent product of Petoskey and Pine . I am glad, I got an opportunity to try their product for free and give the review... I am one of those people, who have extra dry skin.. And I have tried all type of bath soaps.. Only thing which worked out for me is Dove's Extra Moisturized body wash.. But, then it also fails when the weather is in extreme condition... So, I selected a product to review, which has extra oil in it, " Mint Flower "... So, I am very delighted to say, it stand completely to my expectation...  No more dry skin.. My daughter is down with cold and fever... Doc says it's an early sign of Pneumonia...... She is taking all medications... All antibiotics... Fever and Antibiotics makes, the skin dry.. Her lips also, got too dried.. I was putting Vaseline on her lips, frequently(every 2 hrs), but it wasn't wor