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Black Forest Tomato Bundt Cake #BundtBakers

It feels good to know, your friends are waiting for your posts. They keep on checking, and one fine day they will ask you, what happened why you are not posting these days... I was looking for your recent work... Well, well.. Here, I am.. Posting again with my Bundt Bakers group...  This Bundt, was created for necessity, but now became my favorite... Couple of things to note is... One you can never taste the tomato in the cake, because of overpowering taste of Cocoa. And 2nd, kid will never get to know, that their are something healthy hidden inside... It becomes a everyday struggle, when kids start picking veggies from their food. Mine hates tomatoes... If it is blended well in the curry, then that's fine.. otherwise she will pick those mini pieces from her food... I still don't understand, how she is able to see those mini pieces.. As a mom, we all try to give our kids enough nutrition.. sometimes, it works out, and sometimes we need to work harder, to give those l

Masala Arbi (Small Taro Root Stir Fry)

I like eating Arbi/Taro Root, but don't want to do the preparation, as if you start peeling Arbi bare hands, the itching will start, at all the places where ever it's juice touched you. So, to avoid that scenario, I boil Arbi, so that outer layer comes out without any effort. Few days back, when my mom was telling me about her lunch and Sukhi Arbi, I told her my problem of itching. She gave me a wonderful trick to avoid the itching, which you get after peeling Arbi. Apply few drops of Mustard Oil, all over your hand, and then peel Arbi, No itching will happen. It's that easy.  Being a working mom, I am always in a hurry. So, these curries comes as a rescue in dinner time.. I tried it, worked great. And made this awesome stir fry. Simple meal, in a simple way. Sometimes, this simple food, looks like a blessing. So, here is my way of making Dry taro or Sukhi Arbi, whatever you want to call- Ingredients you need- Arbi (Small Taro Root)-250 gms Onions-