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Khasta Kachori

Going on Vacations, on a road trip, or just in a mood to cook. These Kachori is perfect for every outing, snacks at home. Goes perfectly with Tea or Coffee. Guests are coming, a perfect snack. Can be made in advance, and can be kept in air tight container for 10 days. Tastes delicious. Lots of times, Whenever, I go on a trip, I make these 2 days in advance. Since, it's so soft and breaks easily, it is loved by little one. And 1 Kachori is big enough to fill the little tummy. Few days back, we went to a zoo, it was a sudden program and didn't get time to cook. Had few snacks of store, but most of them was half empty. So, it didn't made sense of taking them along with us. Then, I saw the box of these Kachoris lying on the Kitchen shelf. I took them, and other than these I took just couple of packets of crackers. The Kachoris were so tasty, nobody bothered to ask about crackers. Here, is a simple recipe to make this Khasta Kachoris-  Ingredients -  Maida/

Barbie Doll Cake

My Doll's B'day was coming, And I wanted to do something which she really likes. After giving some thoughts, decided to make it really special for her. And then my planning started, about a month back. But, nothing was finalized yet. My sweety wanted me to make a cake for her. Well, I am really happy to tell you guys, my little one loves what I cook.. So, she wanted a cake for her B'day made by me... Well, baking a cake was not an issue for me. What real was an issue, what to make??? I thought of making a simple cake with her favorite character But, then you get that in store. So, why to trouble myself... I love cooking... So, I was already planned to make lots of stuffs which included Dahi- Wada, Gulab jamun, Khasta Kachori... the most time taking stuffs. Didn't wanted to omit anything. So, thought of giving a trial and make this cake 1 week before her b'day. Right from Scratch to the end, I mean frosting as well. It definitely came out good, but while m