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Orange-Ginger Cookies #CreativeCookieExchange

Ginger is a herb, which has lots of qualities.... In my household, intake of  ginger increases in winter... One of the main reason behind it is, when taken hot it reduces the inflammation inside the chest.... and hence helps the thick mucus on chest to thin-out... I personally, prefer to take ginger in my morning tea, every single day in winter, and it helps me maintain my distance from cough and cold.... My only problem, how to fit ginger in my little one's diet... Well, using ginger in stew, has worked out so far... But, then I was looking for some other ways as well... So, then I came across this brilliant idea of making Ginger Cookies.... Now, I wanted to make it much more healthier... Orange, is one of the fruit, which contains lots of Vitamin- A and C... I just love the citrus taste of Orange in Orange Cake...  So, here comes my version of Orange Ginger Cookies.... Idea of Orange Ginger Cookies, is a collective idea from a Your Home Based Mom- Ginger Cookies  and my