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Potato-Yogurt Vrat Chat

Happy Navratri to everyone... This is one of the festivals, for which most of the Indians mostly like me, wait for the whole year...10 days of celebration, with so much of good food... Though many of us, are in fasting mood. Every family has their own traditions.... Some people, do the fasting of all 9 days, and eat only dairy products and fruits... Some of them, do the fasting by eating fruits in a day time, and takes 1 complete meal in 24 hours.... Some eat everything, just substitute regular Salt with RockSalt.... And Some do fasting, only for any 2 days.... Well, we follow a different tradition.... We stop eating Onions and Garlics, for full 9 days... All the curries and soups and cooked without Onions and Garlics... No eggs and non-veg, for these 9 days... And, on 10th day, in our ancestral house, a flag is hosted on the name of Goddess ShitalaDevi early in the morning... Everyone in family worships her, and we celebrate by cooking feast on 10th day i.e. on Dushhera... 

Shahi Paneer

Guests are coming over for dinner...Do not have much time to cook... Well, thanks to my hubby for not informing me beforehand.... Have 3 hours in hand, and had to cook complete dinner.... I definitely love cooking, but then I like to decide my lunch/dinner menu, 1 day in advance... And if I am inviting guests over, I make a menu couple of days in advance, so I have enough time in hand, that I can do all the preparation, and my food is ready before time... And I can spend time with the guests, rather than spending it in kitchen.... I wanted to serve them the best food ever.... Though, the recipe got developed accidentally, but I will confess it's the delicious Paneer curry ever.... After taking 1st bite, my friend asked me, " Hey, did you made this curry by yourself, or you ordered it from somewhere"... Well, my only reaction was to smile....My mission accomplished.... Ingredients for 2 people Paneer - 6-8 pieces per person  Onions - 1/4 Big onion ( sliced

Mutter ka Nimona (Potato cooked in Peas curry)

It was a cloudy day... Kids were playing.... We planned to go out for lunch.. But, then it started raining.... Taking Kids out was a big risk.... Do not want them to get wet....  When I was small, about 7-8 yrs old, I use to wait for rainy season.... And never use to miss 1st rain of the season, getting wet, or I should soaked in rain was my favorite game.... but, then it leads to cold, sneezing, running nose, fever... And then, me in bed for couple of days.... The story was same for almost every year.... I do not want, my kiddo doing same.... Well, she is also like me... It runs in our blood.... She loves to get wet in rain... So, not to make kids exposed to rain, Bhabhi (sis-in-law) decided to cook lunch at home... And I am glad that she made it.... It was definitely too yummy.... Delicious and yummy way to have veggies of your meal... Do you know, Peas are lots of health benefits... It provides us protein, fiber, anti oxidants, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.... And hence, re

Baked Thekua (Traditional sweet All Purpose flour Cookies)

Hello People, How is everybody doing today? Myself doing great... And I am very happy as well... While growing up, few snacks and dishes, my mother use to cook very regularly... My Mom is  a great cook, and I love to make dishes, in her way.... It has those typical taste, which I really love it... I try my best, but never able to reach perfection in those recipes... Some of them, are Nimki  (Salty Biscuits), Thekua, Gujia  (A sweet dessert made of All purpose flour and Milk Fat), Eggplant curry.. Well, she is the mom, and may be the taste of food changes, because of the love she adds in her cooking.... Some of those dishes are my favorite... and Thekua is among them... It's a wheat flour cookie, which is deep fried... We basically, belong to that part of India, which loves "Thekua", and can eat any time of year as a Snack... Now, regular or you can say traditional "Thekua", is deep fried on low temperature.... Normally, it takes me about an hour and half t