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Roohafza Almond Bundt Cake #BundtBakers

Well, I am back, after a long break. Wanted to come back earlier, but somehow wasn't able to accommodate writing in my schedule. Writing is something which, makes me refreshed, and I can share my experience with my friends. Somehow, I feel there is always something to talk about, something to tell, something to share. And this time, I have lot to share. In past few months, lot of things changed, for me. I started working full time. So, my daily schedule completely changed.  Like cooking and writing, designing is my passion too. my passion led me too, an architecture school, and it became my carrier. I always feel, one should select a carrier, which they love, then only they can give their full input. Happy from my work, but to make myself completely satisfied, I need to pull some time from here and their and keep on blogging. I moved to another house. So, demanding job, demanding family, cooking, cleaning, setting up the new house and my determination to find out ti