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Spinach Fried Rice

  From our childhood, we keep listening that spinach is good for health and one should take a regular intake of Spinach. Have you ever thought of health benefits, we get from Spinach. I am just listing down few of them, have a look -    Spinach is considered to have 13 different flavonoids which helps in fighting cancer cells.   It has anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces Cardio-Vascular disease. It also lowers high blood pressure. Prevents diabetes, anemia and   osteoporosis. Spinach is beneficial for weight reduction. Good for eyesight. It promotes the healthy pregnancy.  Also slows down the aging process. Spinach Fried Rice is a complete meal in itself. Loved by everyone in family. It can also be made as a party rice. One of the healthy meal. Ingredients- Spinach- 1 Big bowl (chopped) Onion - 1 large (chopped) Garlic paste - 1tsp Salt to taste Red chilli Powder - 1/2 tsp Basmati Rice- 2 big cups  Star Anise (

Mushroom-Paneer Biryani (Mushroom- Tofu fried Rice)

Do you know, all the vegetables and fruits we eat, have some benefits to our body. I always keep on trying new dishes, which is nutritious and have some benefit to us. Mushroom helps us in lowering cholesterol levels, prevents from breast cancer and prostate cancer, an ideal low energy diet for diabetic patients, helps to increase the immunity, helps those who are more interested in weight loss ( has lean protein and good amount of fiber), Mushroom is the only vegetable which contains edible Vitamin-D, it is also a good source of calcium (good for bones), iron (benefits in anemia), potassium (very good for lowering blood pressure), copper (anti bacterial) and selenium (very good for health of bones, teeth, nails, hair and as an anti oxidant). Paneer is a product made from Milk. Tofu can also be used as a substitute to Paneer. Paneer helps in reducing weight, provides protein, protect against cancer, prevent stomach disorders, provides calcium and helps against brittle bones. T