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Brocolli Parantha

Vegetables are so nutritious... So, many wide variety of veggies are available in the stores. The only problem, is how to make these kids eat them. Mine just want to stay away from veggies, and only thing she likes to eat is Macaroni and Cheese. Well, I just can't give Macaroni and Cheese in all meals... So, started making veggies in different ways, which now she not only like it, she eats the whole meal by herself.. And no more, arguments on the dinner table.. Yayyyyy.. Do you know, Broccoli has a lots of Vitamin C and dietary fiber. It also has lots of nutrients, which has a anti cancer properties... I use it all the time in my recipes, but my little kid just do not want to eat these little trees.... They are out of her plate, as soon as she sees them... So, experimented some options to make her eat Broccoli.. And this is the 1 idea, which is super-duper hit with her... Yummy delicious Broccoli Parantha.. Ingredients to make a dough -  Whole Wheat four (Atta) - 2

Dal Palak from the left over Dal fry

I have invited few of my friends at dinner, over the weekend.. Made a whole buffet menu... Shahi Paneer, Dal fry, Gobhi fry, Boondi Raita, Jeera Rice, Puri's, chutney, salad and Ice-cream with sprinklers of top. Well, I do understand, when you are making lot of stuffs, the quantity of individual item has to be less. Other curries, were good but somehow, I made too much of Dal fry... My family do not want repeat the same dal next day, even if I reheat it properly... So, after some hit and trial experiments, I found out that, if I again process the dal in some other way, no one in family says no to it.. Today, was my laundry day, and I complete forgot to do cook lunch... And remembered, when it was time for my kiddo's friends to come... Yes, my kiddo plays everyday with he friends after lunch time... And this duration sometimes extends to 3-4 hours.. So, the lunch has to be filling and appropriate in all respects... Was only left with 30 minutes time... So, thought o

Mango Cake Cookie Bowl #CreativeCookieExchange

Every year in summer, Mango becomes part of our daily meal... We prepare lots of dessert from Mango like Mango custard, mango cake, Mango mousse.... These 3 things are absolutely adored by my kiddo... it's always my first preference to make... So, while, I was deciding what to make for Cookies and Icecream event, I made Mango cake for the dessert.. The moment it came out, this idea stricked me of making cookie out of it... I always love to do experiment with my cooking, and when I succeed,it gives me immense happiness.  This idea came to me, as I love to have my slice of cake topped with a dulloop of iceceam, some bananas or Mango's and crushed almonds... So, this idea was looking quite interesting to me... My oven, was already hot that time, so mashed 2 slices of cake, and baked at high temperature, to make it hard...And it worked out just fine... The crunchiness and butter goodness, mixed with the flavor of ice- cream, took my heart away.. Whi

Eggless Mango Almond Bundt Cake #BundtBakers

Yesterday, was my daughter's b'day... We typically celebrate her birthday for about a week... Mostly, doing whatever she likes us to do... Trying to make her happy in every way..  She wanted a Vanilla cake for her birthday... Since, I have lots of friends who do not eat eggs, so I decided to make eggless cake... Now, I wanted to make something for her last week..  She loves Mango, so thought this will go perfect with this month's theme too.. I have never tried something like this before, so didn't know how is it going to work.. I used Mango chunks in this cake... It took little more time to bake than usual, because of the juice Mango was releasing when it was baking... But, overall I loved the taste.. It was so yum, nobody in my family, allowed me to frost it... Whatever photos, I am posting is taken during the process of cooling.... #BundtBakers is a group of Bundt loving bakers who get together once a month to bake Bundts with a common ingredient

Oats Garlic Kulcha #BreadBakers

Oatmeal is one of my favorite breakfast... Traditional rolled Oats boiled in microwave in water, sufficient enough to soak Oats, with a dash of cold milk and 4-5 tbsp of Honey Bunches of Oats sprinkled on top... Yummmm... But, my problem is, even after knowing benefits of Oats, my hubby just avoid eating them.. So, was thinking of how to include Oats in his daily meal.. And then, this month's event of bread baking, made me thinking, and then I knew what exactly I need to do.. This idea is completely mine... So, thought of experimenting and see, how does it work.. And, I am really very-very happy to share that it was too yumm, and super-duper hit at my home... It was soft, as well as chewy at the same time... #BreadBakers is a group of bread loving bakers who get together once a month to bake bread with a common ingredient or theme. Follow our Pinterest board  right here . Links are also updated each month on this  home page . We take turns hosting each mont

Shahi Soya Appe

I got this Appe Pan, after a big thought... Saw so many posts in facebook groups, of Appe-Pan using less oil. .Though the idea, was very appealingfor me, but I wante to get this product from India.. When, my hubby went to India, unfortunately he didnot get this amazing Pan for me.. And, somehow, the Indian stores also stopped carrying them... Then, I thought of searching all stores in Bay Area.. And I got this Pan, in Coconut Hill.. Now, I completely agree with my friends, who says this pan gives an amazingly delicious food. I have been on spree of eating healthy in last few days... I have tried many dishes, few of them set exactly on my taste buds, and Shahi Soya Appe is one of them.... It is very easy to make, full of protein but too delicious to eat.. Even, my kiddo couldn't stop herself in 1... Preparation time needed only for boiling 1 Potato and chopping some onions, and you are done.... Made it for a friend coming over to my place, and was very happy to see her enjoyin