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Eggless Vanilla Confetti Bundt Cake #BundtBakers

I have a soft corner for cakes, and when it comes to homemade Eggless cakes, no one can control me... Though I love cakes, but when it is loaded with cream, I try not to eat, as it contains too much of sugar.. When my kiddo was small, every time I am making cake, she wants me to decorate it with cream, and then put some extra cream in her piece of cake... So, all my liking vanishes by the time, it's my turn to eat my piece of cake.. Well now, after all these years, she has developed same taste as me... Yayyyyyy, no more cream in our daily desserts.. So, I decided to make something which qualifies for this month's theme, perfect for my taste buds, and is approved by my kiddo, without a hesitation...  Vanilla Confetti Bundt Cake.. Isn't it looking beautiful... I believe in making food in easier ways.. When I can make food fast and get the same taste in my food, why to take longer route.. So, I am always looking for easier recipes.. This recipe is inspired from 1

Chocolate Chip Cookies #CreativeCookieExchange

Well, today I will share with you guys, how my cookie journey started. I started making cookies,1st time when my kiddo turned 2, and we visited Las Vegas. I normally carry lots of homemade snacks with me, but somehow while returning back from the trip, most of them was finished. So, I got a pack of Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, if in case she don't want to eat anything, these cookies will work (sweet stuffs always help me in keeping her quite).  Though I loved them, she maintained a distance with those cookies. As she loves Chocolate, so I thought of giving this simple and very easy recipe a try... Being a novice, I nailed it... And it became my go to recipe.. Whether it is a road trip, or a snack time in school, it does it's magic all the time..  I adapted this recipe from All , but omitted walnuts, as somehow the taste of Walnut was not going perfect with these cookies. The theme this month is Pack for a Picnic Cookies--any kind of cookie t

Makhmali Paneer

Paneer is all time favorite of my kiddo. I always keep some emergency Paneer in my fridge, when she doesn't want to eat anything, Paneer comes to my rescue.. Yesterday, was my fridge empty day, so didn't cook anything for dinner. All the leftovers was supposed to be finished... My husband told me, next day, that is, today he won't go to work, and will work from home... I was happy, that  don't have to cook anything in morning.. Then, before sleeping he told me, he has to go to office tomorrow for some urgent work, and he will leave by 7:30. Now, I was totally confused what to make for his tiffin. Normally, my next day menu is decided a day ahead, and I do my preparations night before. Since, no preparations was done, so only dish I could think of was of Paneer. So, here is the amazing dish I tried. It was my hit an trial method, but surely it worked... The best part it took me about 15 minutes to make this curry ready. The satin smoothness of gravy, made

Everyday Home-made Indian Vegetarian Food available on order

Hello Guys,  Cooking passion brought me at this stage, that I started cooking good quality food at home. I believe in eating healthy, staying healthy..  I prepare wide variety of foods... Will be happy to serve you..  NOTE-   Thali, Phulka's, stuffed parantha's and curry (prepared according to our menu), will be available, if the order is placed before 6 hours minimum. If you wish to order, anything special from the below menu, please give an advance notice of 1 day. Roti/ Phulka Plain Parantha Stuffed Paranthas- Alu ka Parantha Onion Parantha Peas Parantha Cauliflower Parantha Dal (Lintel) Parantha Broccoli Parantha Mooli Parantha Cabbage and Carrot Parantha Lauki Parantha Onion seeds Parantha Mixed Vegetable Parantha Rice Varieties -  Plain Rice Jeera Rice Mango Rice Chinese Fried Rice Lemon Egg Fried Rice Egg Fried Rice Vegetable fried Rice Vegetable Pulao Peas Pulao Mutter- Mushroom Pulao Vegetable Biryani Soyabean/Nu