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Paneer Butter Masala

Today, my little one who loved Paneer like anything, wanted to eat some preparation of Paneer. I decided to give her a taste of Paneer which is different from the regular preparations of Paneer and then I remembered a most famous and delicious preparation of Paneer "Paneer Butter Masala". A famous, delicious and most popular preparation, which is available in all Indian restaurants and loved by every1. Paneer is an Indian TOFU, made from a cow milk. This dish of Paneer is cooked in spicy rich tomato gravy. Enjoy this delicious dish at home, with less butter and less calories, with an amazing taste, as similar as in any indian restaurant. This recipe is well tested and tried, so try this recipe and treat your love ones, by your cooking.
Preparation time - 5-7 minutesCooking Time - 20 minutes Ingredients - 
Butter - 3 tspOlive Oil - 2 tbsp Cloves- 2Bay leaves- 2Cinnamon Powder- 1/2 tspCoriander seeds - 1 tspRed Chilli - 2Coriander Powder- 1tspRed Chilli Powder- 1tsp Crushed Cori…

Lemon Egg Rice

Was not feeling well, but wanted to eat something different and delicious from our regular meal.... Asked hubby, what he wants to eat, he wanted to eat something from rice preparation....So, thought of making Lemon Rice, but thought of giving it a twist.... So, presenting you a delicious sour preparation of Rice with eggs. Can be enjoyed alone or with Raita

Ingredients for 2 people-Preparation time- 5 minutes Cooking time- 20 minutes
Egg - 4 (Raw)Rice- 6 handful (washed and soaked for 5 minutes)Salt to tasteOil- 2 tbsp Turmeric (Haldi) powder- 1tspRed Chilli powder- 1/2 tspMustard (sarson) seeds- 1/2 tspCurry leaves- 8-10 leavesUrad dal- 2 tbsp ( washed and water drained)Lemon juice of 2 complete LemonsDirections-In an open pan, boil eggs for 10 minutes.In another pan (or an utensil in which you can drain water from rice), Boil the water, add rice and let it get cooked until it's completely done. Drain the water and keep it aside.When eggs are done, put inside the running cold wat…

Fried Potato w/ Cauliflower ( Sukhi Aloo-Gobhi )

Ingredients -  Potato- 1 (medium- cut in small pieces)Cauliflower - 8-10 floretsGarlic - 2 cloves (chopped)Onion- 1 (medium- sliced)Tomato - 1 (medium- chopped)Green Chilli - 1 (slitted) Salt to tasteTurmeric Powder- 1/2 tspCoriander Powder- 1/2 tsp Red Chilli powder- 1/2 tsp (Optional- only if you need more spicy)Cumin Powder - 1/2 tspOlive Oil - 1 tspCilantro- 2 tbsp (chopped)  Directions-In a heated pan, add Cauliflower and then add Olive oil from the top and on medium flame fry it for 5 minutes.Add Potato, garlic, chopped onion, keep on frying.Add salt and all spices, along with tomato and 4 tbsp of water.Stir it well and on low flame, let it cook for 15-20 minutes or until Cauliflower cooked.Now, on high flame, stir the curry.Keep stirring for 5-7 minutes, until the onions starts sticking the Potato and Cauliflower.Garnish it with chopped Cilantro.Enjoy it hot with Roti/ Tortilla.

Strawberry- Oats Smoothie

Smoothie's are great in taste. Very healthy and a great meal for kids and Adults. 

Strawberries are good for people who are diet conscious, had a lots of dietary fiber, so good in digestion,  lowers blood pressure, good antioxidant, anti inflammatory, anti cancer, keeps eyes healthy, a good source of Vitamin C, Keeps your bone healthy.

Oats - Helps lowers blood cholesterol levels, natural antidepressant and often used to treat depression, anxiety and nervous disorder. makes you feel calmer, Cooked oats relieve fatigue, high fiber content of oats protects us from bowel cancer. 

Ingredients for smoothie for 2 people-Strawberry - 4-6 (medium size- washed)Yogurt- 1 cupMilk - 1 1/4 cupSugar - 1 tbsp (granulated)Oats- 5 tbspDirections - 
 Add strawberry, yogurt, milk, sugar, oats, cinnamon powder in a blender and blend it well. Notes-You can increase or reduce the consistency of smoothie, by increasing or reducing a spoon of Oats.

Besanwali Bhindi

Ingredients -  Ladyfinger (Bhindi) - 8-10Gram flour (Besan) - 4 tbspOil-  2 tbspOnion - 1 medium (sliced)Cumin Seeds - 1tspSalt to tasteCoriander (dhania)Powder -  1 1/2 tspTurmeric (haldi)Powder - 1tspRed Chilli Powder - 1tspAamchur Powder - 1/2 tspOnion Seeds (kalounji) - 1/2 tspDirections - 

Take Oil in a pan, Add cumin powder, onion seeds and onion, saute till onion turns transparent and soft.Add bhindi,salt, coriander powder, turmeric powder and red chilli powder and toss it for 3-4 minutes.Add gram flour and toss to mix. Cook stirring occasionally.Serve it hot, with Chapati.