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Shahi Rice with Mango twist

Los Angeles- A big city. Lots of place to be seen. If a person goes every weekend to roam, then also it will take him/her about half of an year to see every place in L.A. and in it's neighboring counties. We stayed there for about 3 years, but still haven't seen all beautiful cities of the city. Each and every trips were good, and memorable trips with friends and families. Lots and lots of beautiful memories to cherish. Well, in one of these trips, we went with a friend and her mom. We prefer to take food of 1 time with us, so that we do not have to make kids eat outside in restaurant all the time. So, this Auntie of ours, made this delicious Shahi Chawal. It was too yummy. Normally, it has to be eaten hot, but since we were on trip we ate it cold and still it was too tasty to be forgotten after a trip. Well, I made this lot of times at home, but this twist with Mango is my new discovery. The taste of juicy sweet Mango, blends well with the taste of Ghee and Milk. This re