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Mint filled Coconut Vanilla Bundt cake #BundtBakers

As a part of Bundt Bakers, now I am regularly baking Bundts... Baking Bundts, is always fun.... After my Bundt is baked, I literally keep on looking at them, and becomes most of the time impatient to turn it on cooling rack... So that I can see how my Bundt is looking... After couple of ,Bundts, I have learned it's not good to get impatient.. It's better to wait for few more minutes, than a cracked Bundt... This month our theme, is Girl Scout Cookies.... From the starting I knew, I wanted to use Thin Mint Cookies... I was playing with the couple of ideas like Mint Bundt CheeseCake and Mint Bundt Cake( where broken pieces of cookies are folded in the cake batter)... But, then I wanted to bake something different with these cookies... So, I came up with an idea of making tunnel in my Bundt... Once, we are in the Tunnel, it's completely dark.... So, Thin Mints being dark were actually complementing my thoughts... After making the batter ready, I realized that I cannot m

Aachari Paneer

All of us, who are born in 60's- 80's, have special memories of their childhood. Our mothers and grandmothers, making every things at home... Every single thing of food was made at home. Those days, not a lot of food items were available at the grocery store. I grew up, watching them, making the Instant Pickle, Different kinds of Pickles, Ghee... My grandmom (Naani) have special technique of making pickles (Aachar). During my childhood, we traveled a lot, because of my Father's transferable job. It was so much fun, to make so many new friends. The only thing, was our school too keep on changing with every move. But, one thing always remained coon for every year. In every summer vacations, we all siblings go to my Grandparent's house, with my mom.... Our Vacations, were usually, of 2 1/2 months... And it was difficult, for my dad to take leave for so long... Right from the time, we reach to our grandparent's house... We are welcomed, with all types of Ma

Cashew and White Chocolate Chips Cookies #Creative Cookie Exchange

My kiddo loves Chocolate Chip Cookies, but then it has to be brown Chocolate Chips......Once I tried replacing brown Chocolate Chips with White Chocolate Chips... And she completely refused to eat those cookies... I couldn't think of any cookie delite, which she likes it, and she can also take it to the school for her snack time... The only thing, which I thought will work, was replacing Brown Chocolate Chips with White Chocolate Chips...  Then, I remembered her, taking a second serving of Cookies in my friend's place... Those Cookies had nuts playing hide-and-seek.... So, my idea originated of Cashew and White Chocolate Chips Cookies... The original recipe of Chocolate chip Cookies, I got from " Host The Toast ", but over time I did lots of change suiting my taste and requirements. Lots of tricks, I learnt from my own mistakes while making these cookies... And one of my favorite trick is, mix it while you are in kitchen stirring something in pot and keep