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Brocolli Parantha

Vegetables are so nutritious... So, many wide variety of veggies are available in the stores. The only problem, is how to make these kids eat them. Mine just want to stay away from veggies, and only thing she likes to eat is Macaroni and Cheese. Well, I just can't give Macaroni and Cheese in all meals... So, started making veggies in different ways, which now she not only like it, she eats the whole meal by herself.. And no more, arguments on the dinner table.. Yayyyyy..

Do you know, Broccoli has a lots of Vitamin C and dietary fiber. It also has lots of nutrients, which has a anti cancer properties... I use it all the time in my recipes, but my little kid just do not want to eat these little trees.... They are out of her plate, as soon as she sees them...

So, experimented some options to make her eat Broccoli.. And this is the 1 idea, which is super-duper hit with her...

Yummy delicious Broccoli Parantha..

Ingredients to make a dough - 

Whole Wheat four (Atta) - 2 cupsSalt- 1tspWa…

Triple Oreo Bundt Cake #BundtBakers

Oreo cookies- these are one of the most famous sugary treats for kids. In supermarkets, they make sure it is at the eye level of kids. So, the other day when we were wandering around in Costco getting our regular groceries, my little one saw a big pack of Oreos and we couldn't convince her that it was too much for us. 
Anyways, we ended up with this big box of Oreos, and after 1 pack, it seemed like the rest were forgotten. So, I decided to use them in an effective, smart way. This pandemic is giving me ample time to try and experiment with various dishes and cakes. I decided to use these cookies in a cake. Believe me, they are extremely delicious and no one can stop at just 1 piece. It is very easy to make and it only requires a few ingredients. 

See the softness and fluffiness of this cake.

#BundtBakers is a group of Bundt loving bakers who get together once a month to bake Bundts with a common ingredient or theme. You can see all of our lovely Bundts by following our Pinterest…

Makhmali Paneer

I love this preparation of Paneer, as it has creamy, spicy and sweet taste at the sametime. Although I make this dish more frequently, but forgot to add it here for you guys. It's delicious and goes very well with any type of Parantha's and Nan. We enjoyed it with Laccha Parantha. Credit for my this post goes to my dear friend Priti. 
If you follow my recipes, then you must have notice I add turmeric in almost all my dishes. It's antibiotic and very good immunity booster. Do you know, in old days in India (when medicines were not available easily), Turmeric paste was applied in cuts and burns. I am talking about days when my Grandmom was young. I still remember, when we use to visit her in summer break, she use to show us how to make and prepare spices at home. She learnt from her mom and then thought my mom and then t us. It is pure and so flavorful. And now, I try to follow the same and will try to keep the tradition and will transfer all this info to my kiddo. Turmeric…

Spinach Potato Sandwich

Today I am back with the delicious and healthy Sandwich. It tastes great, gives a perfect green color in between. Spinach is playing hide and seek here. kids don't even get to know that they are taking their daily dose of spinach in this meal.

It's the most easiest recipe to make. As you know, I prefer doing preparation in advance. It helps me in preparing food in no time. So, the only preparation I did was boil couple of potatoes a night before.

Ingredients you need for 4 people -

Potatoes (big)- 2 boiled and smashedOnion(big) - 1/2 diced + Onion roundelsCumin seeds - 1tspOil-  2tbspSalt to tasteTurmeric Powder - 1tspCoriander powder - 1 tbspRed Chilli powder - 1/2 tspSpinach - 1 bowlButter as neededBread - 8 slice
Directions to follow -

In a heated pan, add oil and after heating add cumin seeds and let it crackle.Add diced onions and saute until translucent.
Add chopped spinach and saute till it reduces to half.
Add all spices and fry on high flame.

Now, add boiled mashed potato…

Sabudana Khichdi with peanuts (Fried Sago cooked w/peanuts)

When I moved to California, I had no friends, was completely lonely. Was looking for people with like minded people, and met an awesome woman whose son was also in my kid's class. I got this recipe for my this awesome friend, her name is Sulakshna. This recipe is her special recipe, and my this post is dedicated to her. It's a typical way of making sabudana Khichdi in state of Maharashtra in India.
In last few years I have learnt planning is the key to happiness. I am a full time working mom, whose in-laws also lives with her. Finishing household work with full time job and maintaining passion for cooking is actually a challenge. And which eventually leads to minimal cooking.
But in last few years, planning is a key, if I want to feed delicious food in every meal at the same time it is important that I am not overloaded with work. So, I started planning meals atleast 1 day ahead. Like for this Sabudana Khichdi I already knew a night before what is going to be my next day'…

Beetroot Paneer(Tofu) Bhurji

So, this quarantine has taken toll on everyone, all over the world. Me and my family, we haven't gone out in last 1 month. We are doing our bit to help reduce this pandemic. What are you guys doing?

Less availability of ingredients and regular groceries, has made me do some experiments with the available things at home. And while talking to my kiddo (you might have known from my earlier posts, she is very choosy in what she eats), she wanted to eat paneer Bhurji. As we all know, Bell peppers have high content of potassium and Vitamin C. I try to add 3-4 times in a week in our meal. And then steps in my mother instinct, knowing my daughter very well, I knew she is going to spend minimum 15-20 minutes to make sure she is not eating any bell pepper and pick all them up from her dinner plate. But, she doesn't know variety of ways I can feed her Bell peppers without her even knowing about it 😀.

For this preparation, I actually spend only 15 minutes to make this dish.

Preparation …

StrawBerry- Banana Smoothie

It's getting hotter here, day-by-day... Cool drink, sounds so therapeutic... And what is better than a seasonal fruit in a drink...

It's very difficult to make my little one eat strawberry. Somehow, She manages to eat 1. So, I found out this way of feeding her strawberries. Best Part, of this drink is, she is getting her daily intake of fruits. Drinking it, doesn’t take time. So, it’s working out fine for us as a breakfast. A healthier version, with no added sugar and preservatives.

Today, I will be sharing with you, a simple but healthy smoothie, which also keeps you fill for longer time.

So, here is my recipe, with no added sugar.The sweetness in fruits, are sufficient to make the smoothie sweet and delicious.

Ingredients you will need for 3 glasses-

Strawberry – ½ cupYogurt- 1cupBanana – 2Honey – 2 tbsp (Optional- I didn’t add in my smoothie)Cinnamon Powder – ¼ tsp Directions you need to follow-

Put everything in a blender together. And, blend it till smooth.

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Malpua-Sweet Indian Crepes #BreadBakers

Traditional foods are always close to my heart. I grew up, eating these yummy treats. But, those days (about 20 years back), all ingredients were not easily available. So, we use to get it only on Specific festivals. My mom has to do the preparation and get the ingredients from a week before.

Traditionally these crepes, are fried. They too taste yum... But, these days, my inner self-don't allow me to eat fried food anymore. So, I found out a way, to enjoy these delicious crepes, without a guilt.

#BreadBakers is a group of bread loving bakers who get together once a month to bake bread with a common ingredient or theme. You can see all our of lovely bread by following our Pinterest board right here. Links are also updated after each event on the #BreadBakers home page.
We take turns hosting each month and choosing the theme/ingredient. If you are a food blogger and would like to join us, just send Stacy an email with your blog URL to

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