Everyday Home-made Indian Vegetarian Food available on order

Hello Guys, 

Cooking passion brought me at this stage, that I started cooking good quality food at home. I believe in eating healthy, staying healthy..  I prepare wide variety of foods... Will be happy to serve you.. 

NOTE-  Thali, Phulka's, stuffed parantha's and curry (prepared according to our menu), will be available, if the order is placed before 6 hours minimum.

If you wish to order, anything special from the below menu, please give an advance notice of 1 day.

Roti/ Phulka

Plain Parantha

Stuffed Paranthas-

  • Alu ka Parantha
  • Onion Parantha
  • Peas Parantha
  • Cauliflower Parantha
  • Dal (Lintel) Parantha
  • Broccoli Parantha
  • Mooli Parantha
  • Cabbage and Carrot Parantha
  • Lauki Parantha
  • Onion seeds Parantha
  • Mixed Vegetable Parantha
Rice Varieties - 
  • Plain Dal
  • Dal fry
  • Spinach Dal
  • Moong Dal Shorba
  • Lauki Chana Dal
  • Hare Mung ki Dal
  • Peas Dal
Curry /Sabji Varieties

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