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Hello everyone,

Today I have something else to talk about than the food. Dozen of baker's were joined to give the review of an excellent product of Petoskey and Pine. I am glad, I got an opportunity to try their product for free and give the review...

I am one of those people, who have extra dry skin.. And I have tried all type of bath soaps.. Only thing which worked out for me is Dove's Extra Moisturized body wash.. But, then it also fails when the weather is in extreme condition... So, I selected a product to review, which has extra oil in it, "Mint Flower"... So, I am very delighted to say, it stand completely to my expectation...  No more dry skin..

My daughter is down with cold and fever... Doc says it's an early sign of Pneumonia...... She is taking all medications... All antibiotics... Fever and Antibiotics makes, the skin dry.. Her lips also, got too dried.. I was putting Vaseline on her lips, frequently(every 2 hrs), but it wasn't working, as the lips gets dry too fast... So, when I got my Packet, I tried this Lip Balm on her... Well, it's almost 24 hrs now, and we have just used the lip balm twice, and her lips is again back to normal...

Petoskey and Pine has real great products... Check out their products here... They also have a facebook page as well as you can follow them in Instagram too.... They do also have an option of buying the products online... Do check out the review of this great product in this post, by " A Day in the Life on the Farm".


April said…
I have fell in love with their products, and will be a customer from now on. It was great reading how the soap relieved your dry skin, and the lip balm helped your daughters dry lips from fever. Just two more reasons to love their products. My post is going live Friday, cant wait to share it with everyone.
Rebekah said…
So glad you had such a great experience - their products are awesome! :)

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