Cilantro and Garlic Oat Bread #BreadBakers

I wanted to bake a flavored bread loaf from a long time..... When, I say long time, it really means a very long time... Well, I had this desire from around a year.. But, somehow I was never able to do it... When I learnt this month's theme is whole grain, I knew what I am going to bake, as I have already baked it in my mind, lot of times....

I actually wanted to make Quinoa bread.... Right from starting everything was working perfectly fine... But, don't know where did I went wrong.. After coming out of Oven, the bread went down from the center... It was also tasting as it is half cooked, but I did bake it for 40-45 minutes, and the bread was brown in color, when I took it out from Oven... I need to again bake the same bread, and see what actually made my bread to sink in center..

So, I decided to shift for another plan, and bake bread with another Whole grain- Oats.... This one worked out perfect.... I didn't refer any recipe for this one, just worked on my instincts. And I am glad I did, as it turn out to be perfect...

#BreadBakers is a group of bread loving bakers who get together once a month to bake bread with a common ingredient or theme. You can see all our of lovely bread by following our Pinterest board right here. Links are also updated after each event on the #BreadBakers home page. We take turns hosting each month and choosing the theme/ingredient. This month's host is Cali Cuisine.. You can check out some delicious recipe in her blog... She chose Whole Grain as our theme this month...


Do check, some different varieties of Whole grain breads from Bread Bakers this month -

Ingredients you will need - 

  1. All Purpose flour (Maida) - 3- 3 1/2cups
  2. Cilantro - 1 cup 
  3. Garlic - 4 cloves 
  4. Olive Oil - 4 tbsp
  5. Yeast - 1 packet (2 1/4 tsp)
  6. Rolled Oats - 1 cup
  7. Water - 1 cup
  8. Sugar - 1 tbsp
  9. Salt to taste
Directions to follow- 
  • Chop Cilantro and Garlic.

  • Heat a cup of water in a microwave for 1 minute... Now, add a tbsp of sugar and a pinch of salt in the warm water.. Mix, and add Rapid rise yeast, and leave it aside for 10 minutes.

  • In a big vessel, take All Purpose Flour. Add chopped Garlic and Cilantro. And mix.

  • Meanwhile, take a cup of Oats, add same amount of water and heat in microwave for 3 minutes on high power.

  • Now, add the oats in the flour mixture, and mix.

  • Now, it's time for yeast mixture to get added to the flour mixture.

  • Mix it with Spatula. It will be a very sticky mixture. Spray Oil above the dough and leave it in warm temperature for an hour.

  • In an hour, the dough will rise double in size.
  • Knead this dough for 5-7 minutes... Keep on adding rest 1/2 cup of flour as needed, while kneading dough. 
  • Now, make the pan ready by spraying oil all over the pan.
  • Put the dough in a pan, press that dough reached to all corners of pan.
  • Spray the oats on the dough.

  • Keep it in a warm temperature for 45 minutes. The dough will again rise.

  • Spray oil on top.
  • Preheat the oven.
  • And let the bread cook for 35-40 minutes at 350 degrees,or till light brown.
  • When the bread is done, let it cool down for 10 minutes, and it will leave the pan.
  • Invert and let the bread cool down.

  • Now, enjoy this delicious flavorful bread with a dash of butter.


Unknown said…
I'm so glad to see cilantro in a bread. It's something I don't see often at all.
Stacy Rushton said…
I love the garlic in your bread, Shilpi, and it looks like your loaf has the most wonderful texture.
Gorgeous. I love herb breads and I'm sure yours is delicious.
I love cilantro and garlic so I will try this combination.
Karen said…
Very nice!! I love all of those ingredients, and can understand an obsession with making something =)
rashmi purbey said…
oye ... mast hai yaar..i m sure taste bhi mast mast hoga :)
Pavani said…
Very flavorful and delicious looking bread.
Love the use of oat flour in your bread. It looks delicious!
I'm so glad I'm not one of those "cilantro tastes like soap" people because then I'd never be able try this wonderful bread. So many good thing–especially garlic!-in one loaf. Thanks for sharing it! And I also had trouble baking with quinoa, so you're not alone.
Chef Mireille said…
love all the healthy stuff you put into this one

just one thing a pkt of yeast is actually only 2 1/4 teaspoons not tablespoons

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