Orange Cake or A Brittania Fruit Cake

Sometimes, you want to do so many things in your 24 hours, but you cannot do it, as you are running out of time. I do not know about you guys, but for me, it always happen, and then in the end of the day, I feel the day is over and I haven't done things which I wanted to do. 

Well, few of those things are cooking special things. When, I started my life as a mother, I met a lady in Gym. She was a mother of two, her hubby was a chef in a renowned Hotel in Delhi. Everyday, when I am working out we use to talk, and every time she will give me some useful tips, about managing Kitchen, some great tips for cooking, and some ultimate tips for baking. But, then I was not equipped with great utensils and I definitely wasn't having perfect equipments to bake, and it never occurred to me how to use existing equipments. 

My life as a home maker and a baker started few years back. Slowly, baking became my passion. I started experimenting new things. Copying and following the recipe, anyone can do. The thing is there when you actually wants to experiment things on your own, and see what is the outcome.

Here is my story of this cake. We were in Walmart, and you know how beautifully they keep things in their aisle. I got this Orange as my little one was screaming in the market , that she wanted one. I knew she is not going to eat this orange, as it will taste bitter. So, I said no to her. But, she was adamant that she wanted that particular big orange. After coming home, she do not want even to look at it. Hmmmm, I knew it, so thought a bit and came up with the idea of making Orange Cake.
While I was mixing ingredients, I heard a big knock at my door. It was so hard, I actually dropped the open bottle of honey in the batter. It was a UPS guy, came to deliver stuffs which I got online. Cursing him, I started my work again, but it seems very difficult to remove extra honey from the batter. So, planned to go ahead and see the outcomes. The out come was really delicious. And, I remembered, the Brittania Fruit Cake, which as a kid we always use to ask mom to buy it for us, when ever we are in grocery store.

So, I again tried the same recipe to determine the exact quantity of all the ingredients. And, here is the exact quantity of ingredients and recipe for you to try - 

Ingredients -
  1. Orange ( big, full of juice)- 1/2
  2. Orange peel (scraped) - 5-6 tbsp
  3. Lemon juice - 1 tbsp
  4. Honey- 4 tbsp
  5. Sugar - 3/4 cup
  6. Cooking Oil - 1/2cup
  7. Baking Powder - 1 tsp
  8. Baking Soda- 1/4tsp
  9. Maida (All Purpose Flour) - 2 cups
  10. Milk Powder - 1 cup
  11. Milk as required
  12. Dried Cranberries/ Raisins/ Almonds (cut in small pieces) - 1/2 cup
Directions -
  • Mix Maida/ All Purpose Flour, milk powder, baking soda and baking powder in 1 bowl.
  • in another bowl, mix orange juice, lemon juice, honey, sugar and oil. Beat.
  • Now, mix dry mixture in wet mixture.
  • Mix and then add orange peel. mix for a while. I mixed it with hand for about 3-4 minutes.
  • Add milk, if required to get a desired consistency.
  • Add all dry fruits, mix and transfer the batter in a baking dish.
  • Leave it aside for 5 minutes.
  • Heat the oven and bake the cake at 350 degrees.
  • Cake will be done in 30-35 minutes. Take it out, insert a toothpick and check if the cake is done.
  • Cool and enjoy.


Anu said…
Do u hv a micro version? Secondly, can we add liquid milk instead of powder?
Shilpi Prasad said…
Yes, Anu if you do not have milk powder you can add milk, but I guess you won't be needing more than 1/2 cup, as you have already have enough liquid in the batter in form of juice. So, add very little of milk and as if required. Instead of Milk, if you have cream, than 2 tbsp of cream will do much better job.

And if you wanna cook, in the microwave, then, coat the microwave safe bowl, with a cooking oil or flour, then transfer the batter and cook for 6-7 minutes on high power. Check if the cake is done, by inserting a toothpick. If its not done, put only for a minute, as if you cook much in microwave, the cake will turn hard.

Alternatively, you can also make it in a pressure cooker. Add about 2 inch of sand (even layer) in the pressure cooker. Transfer the batter in any steel bowl, which can easily fit in a cooker. Keep the bowl in a cooker above the sand. Take out the whistle , and close the lid, and let it cook for 40-45 minutes, on low flame. Start checking your cake, after 30 minutes, by inserting toothpick or sharp knife.
Anu said…
Sounds cool.. Will try it out.. :-)

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