Cilantro-Peanut Dip (chutney)


1.   Cilantro (Dhania) leaves - 2 Cup
Washed and dried cliantro leaves
2.   Peanut roasted - 1/2 cup
3.   garlic cloves - 2 cloves
4.   Salt to taste
5.   Lemon - 1/4 piece
6.   Green chilli -2 small
7.   Tomato - 1 small ( sliced)

Ready Chutney

Directions -

Wash and clean cilantro leaves. Now, separate leaves and stems. Take all the leaves together in a mixer jar. Along with it take green chilli, garlic cloves, roasted peanut, salt and sliced tomato. Grind everything together. After turning the dip in serving bowl, squeeze a lemon juice in the dip.

This dip goes with chips, rice, tortilla everything.

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