Gujia ( Stuffed milk product, dry fruits in a wheat flour rolled)

Ingredients -
  1. Khowa - 1 Cup
  2. Almonds - 1/2 Cup ( sliced)
  3. Raisins- 1 Cup
  4. All Purpose flour - 2 Cups
  5. Sugar - 5-6 tsp
  6. Oil - 1 cup  ( for frying) + 1 cup ( heated and cooled)

Directions - 
Fried Khowa with sugar,almonds, raisins

  • In a dry Pan, add khowa and fry it, till it turns brown.
  • When brown close the flame, add sugar, almonds and raisins.

  • In a bowl take all purpose flour, add oil ( heated and cooled), mix it then add lukewarm water (as reqd.) to make a dough. Dough should be on such that it's not sticking on hand as well as not very hard.
All Purpose flour with Oil
Mixed All purpose flour w/Oil

Dough in equal parts

  • Divide the dough in equal small parts. Convert each part in small balls.

  • Roll each ball by making it a small round tortilla, add the khowa mixture and close the tortilla by making a half circle. 
Rolled ball
Khowa added in a roll

Pressed from all sides

  • Press from all sides, mould it from the sides, making no place for khowa to escape.

Twisted to lock from all sides

  • After all balls are filled, These small stuffed tortillas are called Gujia.

twisted gujias

Fried Gujias

  • Take Oil in a pan, heat it and add gujia in a oil and fry it till it turns brown.
  • Take it out in a Paper towel and let excess oil drained.
  • Ready dessert
  • Can be used for 10-12 days.


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