Coriander seeds chutney

Coriander ( Dhania) seeds chutney


1.   Dhania Seeds - 2 Tablespoon
2.   Garlic Cloves - 4 cloves
3.   Tamarind - 1 inch sq.
4.   Red Chilli - 2 pieces
5.   Salt to taste


Soak Tamarind in 1/2 cup of water for 30 mins. After 30 mins, Smash all tamarind and take out the pulp and remove all seeds.

Put dhania seeds in a dry pan and keep on stirring it for sometime until it turns golden brown. Now, let it cool.

Take a mixer jar, add tamarind pulp, dhania seeds, salt according to taste, red chilli and grind them. Your Chutney is ready.You can have it with Idli, rice. I love it with chapati too.

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