Strawberry Lemonade

Hello everyone, it's been a while I wrote something. Lot of stuffs was going in my place. Had been really very busy last couple of months. But, here I am back telling you again one of my experiences. 

Last weekend, I got a chance to visit a Farmer's Market, which was about 7 miles away from my place. Never been to any Farmer's Market before in this area, and has always purchased fruits and veggies from stores. My friends told me a lot about this place, all the produce here are so fresh, that if you get any veggies and fruits from here, just store it in fridge and in case you forget about it for a week,still it will be fresh after  a week. So, here I am,standing in a Farmer's Market and looking around all the stalls.

My little one was with me, and I wanted to show her, how fresh veggies are sold. We just crossed few stalls, and a person came to us, offering us a piece of orange. It's there tradition of offering a piece of Orange to all the customers crossing their stalls. I have to admit, all the fruits and vegetables, I came across was really very fresh. And then, I got attracted towards the Strawberry stall. The owner of this stall was an old lady, she was sitting quietly, waiting for her customers to come and buy strawberries from her, whereas other stall owners, were shouting some or the other thing to attract their customers. 

My little one wanted me, to go with her to the stall of Oranges, and I wanted to look around in this stall. So, I purchased this big box of Strawberries from this Old lady. It was freshly, handpicked, straight from the farm, and amazingly tasty strawberry I have ever eaten. 

This is a very simple and ready to go recipe, of Lemonade, and definitely approved by my little one.

Ingredients -

  1. Strawberry (fresh) - 1 cup
  2. White Sugar- 8 tbsp
  3. Fresh Lemon Juice - 1/2 cup
  4. Water - 2 cups
Directions - 

Blend all ingredients together. And your strawberry lemonade is ready to go. 

NOTE - You can dilute the Lemonade as per your taste.


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